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Cascadian flag with skull tree

What's the point of living in a bioregion with so many beautiful forests if you don't take them over for a renegade every so often?

As always, we're bringing only the hardest DJs, sickest gear masters, + loveliest light artists, all throwing down their talents in an amazing riverfront spot. We'll crank up the generator at 10 and keep on going until the Cascadian dawn rises.

To keep those fancy feet flowing, we'll have sweet + salty treats and fresh + cold water, but you're on your own for the rest!

Directions to the Spot: (more detail on map below)
Walk down Boundary Road until it ends at Fellowes Street, then head right and step around the second green gate to head downhill on the lower gravel trail (Trans Canada). As the path flattens out you'll see a chain-link fence: walk to your right for approximately 25 meters until you see a gap in this fence, helpfully marked with glowsticks! Step through the gap in the fence and continue to head downhill on the sloping gravel path to join the fun!

Parking is available on the side streets on both sides of Boundary (Edinburgh, Yale, Trinity, etc.). Please don't stop or park in the turnaround area at the very end of Boundary, and wherever you end up, don't annoy the neighbors!

The N35 bus runs all night and will drop you off a few blocks away; otherwise, just use Google Maps to find the best public transit option for you.

Cyclists can take the Portside Trail from Vancouver to The Heights Trail and enter from the other side of the bridge.

Casecadians are nothing if not self-reliant, but here are some items to maximize your fun:

  • a flashlight/headlamp to light the way
  • solid shoes to pep your step
  • warm(ish) layers to stay comfy
  • a camera (this will be a highlight of the summer, right?)
  • extra beverages to slake your thirst!


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